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The procedure to correct the gum smile which, through the use of fillers based on hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, harmonizes the volume of the upper lip and reduces gingival exposure.
Alopecia can be treated with mesotherapy, a technique that consists in the diffusion of medicines or active ingredients in an intradermal way, with the aim of reactivating the functioning of the hair follicles. In practice, these are small, not very deep injections, made directly into the scalp, with the intention of preventing hair loss, improving its density and quality.
Skin Tite (Fractional Radiofrequency) is a modern non-invasive method for the treatment of aging and skin laxity, so called due to some analogies with the fractional laser. In recent years, all over the world, fractional radiofrequency has become a valid tool for tensioning and regenerating tissues.
The Bioregeneration treatment with 3D HaLift® HALIFT Protocol is the non-surgical face lifting invented by Dr. Eleana Ferrari, based on biotechnological Hyaluronic Acid, for the shock treatment of aging, loss of tone and skin laxity. , used in synergy with focused ultrasounds (HIFU elife) which help to smooth and restore skin firmness and elasticity.
The cosmetic properties of hyaluronic acid are essential for restoring an optimal level of hydration, regenerating the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, stimulating proper collagen synthesis, limiting inflammatory phenomena, making our skin smooth and compact once again.
Multi-procedure to restore the harmony of the aesthetic areas of the face, prevent and delay the aging process. Currently, integrated approaches involve the use of various substances, procedures and technologies that follow a careful analysis of the face, useful for planning a personalized treatment and ‘beautification’ path.
Biostimulation, also called biorevitalization, is an anti-aging aesthetic medicine treatment where vital tissues are stimulated to produce physiological substances responsible for rejuvenation. This treatment is applied to the face and in every region of the body that needs rejuvenation and is useful for moisturizing, replenishing and toning the skin, especially in periods of seasonal change.ionale.
Botulinum toxin is indicated for the treatment of mimic wrinkles, expression lines, frontal wrinkles, wrinkles and glabellar furrows, crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes), axillary hyperhidrosis, hyperhidrosis of feet and hands. The aesthetic result of this treatment is so satisfying that it completely replaces surgery and lifting procedures.
The term “Thread Lift” indicates a face and body treatment that involves the insertion, without the need for incisions and in the outpatient setting, of absorbable and biostimulating threads which on the one hand guarantee the lifting and support of the relaxed tissues, and on the other hand stimulate the rejuvenation and firming of the skin through the proliferation of new collagen.
The valid ally to work on your face and modify some somatic features, respecting the three key principles of beauty: symmetry, balance and harmony. The filler works almost counterintuitively for the patient: it adds, reshapes instead of removing. The definition of the face does not therefore take place by emptying or digging the face, but by resizing the volume thanks to a personalized study of the individual case.
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Prof. Dr. Eleana Ferrari Papassava

Medico chirurgo, Biochimico e Nutrizionista che esercita principalmente in Italia, Inghilterra e Cipro. Con una lunga tradizione familiare indirizzata alla medicina e alla cura del benessere, Eleana è nota per il suo approccio olistico con il paziente, che le consente di armonizzare la ricerca del miglioramento estetico con il benessere globale dell’individuo.  

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