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Biostimulation, also called biorevitalization, is an anti-aging aesthetic medicine treatment where vital tissues are stimulated to produce physiological substances responsible for rejuvenation. This treatment is applied to the face and in every region of the body that needs rejuvenation. I’ts useful for moisturizing, replenishing and toning the skin, especially in periods of seasonal change.

When the tissues of the “medium”, that is the meso, are interested this treatment is called mesotherapy. Biostimulation is recommended in case of loss of tone, laxity, dull skin and skin aging. Biostimulation is an aesthetic medical treatment based on Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins, amino acids and other active ingredients injected directly into the area of interest. For men and women.

Biostimulation and mesotherapy fall within the denomination of anti-aging or anti-aging treatments.

The administration of nutrients through punctures allows two main advantages: it avoids the so-called “hepatic first-pass effect“, that is the metabolism and degradation of the components when taken orally; secondly, the substances are conveyed exactly where they are required. The effects obtained are basically two: first, it compensates for the physiological loss of nutrients that occurs with aging, and secondly, it stimulates the gene transcription of proteins and molecules responsible for the anti-aging effect.

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Biorevitalization acts not only on an aesthetic level, but it also has a therapeutic function. The hydration boost, besides counteracting skin aging, reduces the cytotoxic action of free radicals on fibroblasts and connective tissue.

Skin biostimulation exerts its action on the skin at several levels:

  • increasing skin hydration
  • increasing microcirculation
  • inducing neosynthesis of elastin and collagen
  • protecting against oxidative damage by free radicals
  • accelera il ricambio cellulare


After a thorough medical examination where the problem is identified and the all aspects of the target area are analyzed, the treatment takes place in an outpatient setting. In case of particularly sensitive patients, a local anesthetic cream is applied, which completely reduces the slight discomfort of the operation, normally well tolerated. Several close micro-injections are then carried out on the superficial dermis with the use of a very thin and short disposable needle. The number of infiltrations is proportional to the extent of the areas to be treated.


The treatment lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the area, and it may require up to 6 sessions according to the problem treated.

The solutions are normally based on hyaluronic acid – a mix of substances with chemical-physical characteristics of excellent fluidity – but they are more and more frequently composed of a cocktail of substances that help obtain the best results, such as vitamins, minerals, coenzymes and amino acids precursors of collagen and elastin. Sometimes hyaluronic acid is combined with polynucleotides (fractions of DNA), natural substances that are able to repair the damage suffered by the cell nucleus due to free radicals.


The results are immediately visible and the skin of the treated areas is evidently more compact, luminous and elastic in a natural way. The effect is reasonably long lasting, but as the skin aging process cannot be stopped, also because it is influenced by poor lifestyle habits, maintenance cycles can be useful to prolong the benefits of biostimulation over time.

You can undergo biostimulation at any time of the year, but it can be particularly useful in summer as an active photo-protection, as it counteracts inflammation and damage that can result from exposure to UV rays.


The cost of a single biostimulation session varies from € 150 to € 300. Depending on the needs of each patient, the treatment can include 3-6 sessions.


What are the side effects of mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy does not cause serious side effects, but it is important to pay attention to the contraindications related to the patient’s clinical-pathological history. According to the specific solution that is injected, it could be absolutely contraindicated if the patient is suffering from leukemia, diabetes, blood infections, HIV / AIDS, heart diseases, or in case the patient is taking heparin or has been treated in the past with chemotherapy or radiotherapy for the treatment of tumor affections. Mesotherapy is also contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
How long do the results of biostimulation last?
Results can be considered permanent only if the patient will take care of his/her appearance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Is the biorevitalization treatment painful?
No, the treatment is not painful. However if required aenesthetic can be added to the solution in order to avoid any sort of pain or discomfort.
What drugs are injected during mesotherapy?
The drugs that are normally used for mesotherapy include: hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, amino acids precursors of collagen and elastin.
If I am breastfeeding can I undergo mesotherapy treatment?
No, it is contraindicated to undergo the treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
How long does a mesotherapy session last?
A mesotherapy session usually lasts about 20 to 30 minutes.
Can i get rid of cellulite with biostimulation?
The treatment allows you to reduce the imperfections of cellulite through the injection, where necessary, of lipolytic drugs and other substances that promote a reduction of subcutaneous fat. For best results the treatment can be combined with biotechnologies.
Can I improve skin tone?
The treatment also produces a biostimulating action that improves the general tone of the skin. For best results the treatment can be combined with biotechnologies.
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