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Gummy Smile is a deformation characterized by overexposure of the upper gums while smiling. In other words, it occurs when the proportions of the teeth, gum and upper jaw are not in harmony. Thanks to the new methods it is possible to gain a new smile. A combination of hyaluronic acid fillers and botulinum toxin according to the extent of the defect to be corrected.

Botulinum toxin (also used in aesthetic medicine to stretch frontal and periocular wrinkles) is injected into specific points within the muscles of the root of the nose, causing them to relax, reducing gingival exposure. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is used to harmonize the volume of the upper lip and reduce gingival exposure.

The procedure is particularly suitable for people who reveal too much of the upper gum while smiling, excessively exposing the upper front teeth and part of the mucosa. In some cases this condition can trigger the harmony of the smile. This type of imperfection is called ‘gummy smile’.

The causes of such imperfection can be different: excessive development of the upper jaw, short upper lip, excessive mobility of the upper lip.

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By vigorously contracting the upper lip upwards, it will no longer be possible to excessively uncover the upper gum. With botulinum toxin, the effect will last for 4-6 months. After this period the treatment will be repeated a couple of times, depending on the severity of the condition, for a lasting result



The procedure causes only slight discomfort and takes about 5 minutes.


The “Gummy Smile” procedure has several advantages including the fact that it is not a surgical operation and therefore it is non-invasive. It’s considered a safe, effective and quick treatment.

However, the effect is not immediate, in fact the first results will be visible only 4/5 days after the infiltration. Final results will only be visible after about 15 days.

The effect is not permanent and it is necessary to repeat them over time.


The “Gummy Smile” procedure has a cost that varies from 150 to 450 euros per session


What is the "Gummy Smile"?
The condition occurs when excessive gum tissue is visible in the smile (in technical terms, over 4 millimeters). Different people have different ideas about when this condition becomes a problem, but if you think it undermines your appearance, there is a way to minimize the imperfection.
What is its cause?
Several factors can contribute to the problem. The most common one is excess gum tissue. Other common factors are relatively short teeth and a hypermobile upper lip, causing it to rise excessively when smiling.
What is the best way to correct this condition?
Much depends on an in-depth analysis of the cause. In aesthetic medicine we act on the hypermobile lip which can be temporarily controlled with Botox injections and on the volume of the upper lip itself which can be corrected with the specific use of volumizing hyaluronic acid
I'm not satisfied with the way my smile looks, but I don't know exactly what's wrong. What should I do?
A beautiful smile comes from a harmonious balance between teeth, lips and gums. If you feel that your smile exposes the gum excessively, despite a balanced set of teeth, it is possible to improve the condition and obtain satisfactory results.
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