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Beautification refers to the process to embellish the face.

Our natural aging process leads to changes which are already visible from the age of thirty. With time, the basic structure of our face, the skeleton, slowly begins to reabsorb itself starting from the openings (eye sockets, opening of the nose and mouth). The suspension ligaments of the soft tissues of the face begin to stretch and lose tension, the adipose compartments are emptied and redistributed, the muscular system becomes looser and the skin progressively reduces the amount of elastic fibers and collagen and dehydrates.

These progressive changes in the tissues of our face can be slowed down by a ‘minimally invasive’ approach to aesthetic medicine. The purpose of anti-aging medicine is precisely to treat all these processes linked to the passage of time in a harmonious and combined way.

As in any medical discipline, also in aesthetic medicine we make use of an accurate pre-treatment diagnostic evaluation, with which we must evaluate not only the potential of our treatments but also the needs and expectations of the patient.

From a careful analysis of the face, it is possible to plan a treatment and ‘beautification’ path that aims to restore the harmony of the aesthetic areas of the face and to prevent and delay the aging process.

Patients may have several different needs at the same time, which can be addressed with a combined treatment that includes:

  • Redesign the lips
  • enlarge the smile
  • Intensify the gaze
  • Optimize the proportions of the face in a subtle way
  • give volume to the cheekbones or to the chin
  • Correct irregularities of the nose
  • Attenuate the visible signs of aging
  • Tone one’s appearance
  • Obtain facial expression that is less sad and tired.
  • Rebalance the volumes of the face.
  • Improve the symmetry of the profile


Currently, integrated approaches involve the use of different substances, different procedures and technologies. As for injectable substances, hyaluronic acid is the most common one used to restore volume, modify the lights and shadows of our face and restore tension to the ligament system; however not all hyaluronic acids are the same. The in-depth knowledge of the rheological characteristics of the different hyaluronic acids allows us to obtain the most performing result with the minimum amount of product.

Botulinum toxin is the master in the treatment of hypertonicity of some muscles which tend to increase their activity in the aging process. We can improve wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes, as well as regulate sebum production.

The injection of multivitamin complexes and native hyaluronic acid stimulates the synthesis of collagen and improves the hydration state of the tissues.

Laser technology allows us to work on the texture and compactness of the most superficial tissue, the skin, by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin and eliminating irregularities in both color and surface.

In conclusion, a combined approach that comes from an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of aging and a careful diagnosis allows us to obtain natural and harmonious rejuvenation results, while maintaining one’s own physiognomy.



Being a mix of treatments, developed following personalized medical-aesthetic protocols, the duration of each treatment varies from a few minutes up to a maximum of 30-40 minutes per session, for more complex sessions, performed with different techniques.


These technologies make it possible to firm, tone and recompact the skin by reducing skin laxity and any fatty deposits, reshaping and redefining the contours of the face. They also significantly reduce wrinkles for a natural lifting effect. The results vary according to the lifestyle and aging speed of each individual, but visible results are recorded already after the first treatments and persist for several months depending on the techniques used.


Depending on the needs of each patient, the techniques and treatments performed, the cost can vary from € 200-300 and reach € 2000 per session.


How much does it cost?
The price varies according to the treatments provided, but it starts from a minimum of € 200.
What is the duration of the procedure?
Each single session can last from a few minutes to about an hour, based on the techniques and protocols used.
How soon is the result visible?
The effect is immediate and it tends to improve over the course of the following days
How long to results last?
The oval of the face is redesigned thanks to the use of different substances, different procedures and technologies. The duration of the effect varies from patient to patient and according to the type of product used. On average, it ranges from 6 to 12 months.
When can I go back to social life?
From the very first days it is possible to return to one’s daily life without any inconvenience
Are anesthetics used?
Before the treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied to mitigate the discomfort caused by the various techniques during the session
Eleana Ferrari - expert advice - consigli per il paziente

Prof. Dr. Eleana Ferrari Papassava

Medico chirurgo, Biochimico e Nutrizionista che esercita principalmente in Italia, Inghilterra e Cipro. Con una lunga tradizione familiare indirizzata alla medicina e alla cura del benessere, Eleana è nota per il suo approccio olistico con il paziente, che le consente di armonizzare la ricerca del miglioramento estetico con il benessere globale dell’individuo.