Tear Trough Filler

  • Tipologia del trattamento
  • Durata del trattamento
    15-30 minutes
  • Durata del risultato
    6 months


The tear trough or lacrimal sulcus is an area present in everyone. It’s not an area in itself pathological. It is simply an area that can be more or less underlined, but which is normal to have. In some cases, when this area around the eye becomes “dark”, a pathological picture is outlined and no longer physiological commonly referred to as “dark circles”.

Correction of the lacrimal sulcus is the ideal treatment for those who want to eliminate dark circles and improve the lower eyelid bags. It can give a fresher and younger look without surgery. The latest generation fillers allow you to treat very delicate and anatomically complicated areas of the face such as dark circles.

Both simple or juvenile dark circles that are close to the root of the nose and extended dark circles that reach up to the cheekbone can be treated. The injection techniques are different and depend on the blemish to be treated.

The treatment is called tear trough filler and  is recommended in case of a lack of periocular filling. Today it is possible to intervene in a simple way and without consequences thanks to an innovative injection procedure. This technique is carried out using a very thin and high quality filler which serves to plump and revitalize the lacrimal sulcus. The lacrimal sulcus is one of the areas of the face for which correction is most requested due to the “tired” appearance of the look that it causes when it deepens during skin aging.


The eye contour area is characterized by very thin skin and rich in capillaries so the filler to be used in this area must be:

  • very light (with very light cross-linking)
  • positioned at the correct depth and in any case not superficially
  • well dosed

Given that we are in the presence of extremely thin skin, if an excessive amount of product is infiltrated or placed too superficially or the wrong type of hyaluronic acid is chosen, the product could:

  • make the eye swollen,
  • be visible under the skin,
  • cause a purplish-blue shade (Tyndall effect).


The best product for the correction of the lacrimal sulcus is certainly the filler, in particular a semi cross-linked filler with a biostructuring complex that also acts as a biorevitalizer. Studies have shown that there may also be underlying causes such as smoking, poor hydration (not drinking enough water) and lack of sleep. Such a lifestyle can cause skin laxity and premature aging. The skin around the eye is delicate and vulnerable to sunlight, dark circles can form in both men and women. The eye contour filler represents one of the possible solutions and is undoubtedly the ideal treatment for those who want to eliminate dark circles and improve the lower eyelid bags, in order to obtain a younger look without resorting to more aggressive methods such as surgery.

There is an injectable product designed to intervene against the imperfections of the lacrimal sulcus; it is hyaluronic acid enriched with a natural complex, with a dermo-restructuring function, based on amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamin B6 and a small amount of a local anesthetic that ensures optimal comfort during the injection session.


The treatment is performed in an outpatient clinic with a maximum duration of half an hour. After the procedure, you may experience some initial swelling as the area is particularly delicate, but it will disappear in a couple of days.


The results are immediately visible after the treatment and have an average duration of 9-12 months. The possibility of using hyaluronic acid-based fillers allows you to improve the appearance of bags and dark circles by reducing them. The improvement of materials and injection techniques, in addition to the possibility of combining them, allow to obtain soft and very natural results, even in the most difficult area to treat, such as in the lacrimal sulcus. , reduce the shadow area that accentuates dark circles and smooth out skin wrinkles. The treatment is carried out in an outpatient clinic and lasts no longer than half an hour. After the procedure you may experience minimal swelling, which will disappear in a couple of days.

This type of filler has many advantages, for example it doesn’t cause discomfort for the patient, it reduces pain and the appearance of hematomas, since the hyaluronic acid is injected more precisely through the mini cannula needle. Moreover, one session is usually sufficient, except for some cases in which a second session may be necessary after 1-2 months. The final effect is the elimination of dark circles and the improvement (masking) of the lower eyelid bags.


The average cost of a session of Tear Trough Filler is € 300, but it could vary considerably according to the amount of absorbable material to be used for the intervention as well as in consideration of the type of dark circles to be treated, their depth and pigmentation.


How does the Tear Trough Filler work?
The Filler can be positioned in depth or on the surface according to the type of dark circles to be corrected and it allows you to reduce both the hollow itself and the dark color. Both simple or juvenile dark circles that are close to the root of the nose and extended dark circles that reach up to the cheekbone can be treated. The injection techniques are different and depend on the blemish to be treated. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes and results are visible immediately. These are absorbable fillers, and the effect is not permanent but stable for 12 months.
What should I expect from dark circle fillers?
The doctor will schedule an in-depth consultation to understand your needs and the result you want to achieve. She will then explain all the various possibilities, to make sure that the filler chosen together fully meets your expectations.
What should I do after the filler treatment?
Avoid wearing makeup for twelve hours, sun exposure and staying in hot places such as saunas and Turkish baths for two weeks. After the injection, some patients experience slight swelling or temporary hematomas in the inoculation areas. Finally, it is recommended not to subject the same areas to other treatments for at least seven days.
Is the treatment painful?
The softness of the products that are used make them easy to manage. In addition, the products contain 0.3% Lidocaine, a substance capable of limiting pain making the treatment more pleasant.
Will swelling appear after the treatment?
After the injection it is possible that slight redness, swelling or bruising may arise in the injection area but, in general, they do not last more than a few days. However, it is important to remember that as early as twelve hours after the treatment it is possible to cover any marks with make-up.
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