Shape & Tight

  • Tipologia del trattamento
  • Durata del trattamento
    45-60 minutes
  • Durata del risultato
    6 months


Radio Cavitational Hydrolipoclasia is the ultrasonic solution for a healthy and slim body. We call this treatment Shape & Tight.

Hidrolipoclasy is used to eliminate localised fat and cellulite permanently in areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs and upper arms. The term hidrolipoclasia comes from the words:

  • HYDRO (meaning water)
  • LIPO (meaning fat)
  • LASSIA (meaning to break or explode, in this case the fat cells).
Hydrolipoclasia is an application of aesthetic medicine which aims at the non-surgical treatment of localized adiposity. The treatment consists of the skin infiltration of a physiological solution and the subsequent use of ultrasounds to stimulate local circulation.

Cavitational hydrolipoclasis consists in the use of a special device designed to generate ultrasounds, which act on the areas with infiltration of physiological solutions, proceeding to a complete destruction of the local adipose cells.

In fact, ultrasounds lead to the formation of bubbles, or rather cavities, inside the liquid introduced into the body: the subsequent frequency emission phase stimulates these bubbles to decompress and finally implode on themselves, with the result of a final collapse of the adipose cells.

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The main effect of radio-cavitational hydrolipoclasia is the total elimination of imperfections caused by fat cells: this innovative therapy makes it possible to quickly and painlessly smooth and slim thighs, buttocks, abdomen and inner arms. In addition, thanks to its proven stimulating action on the dermis, cavitational hydrolipoclasia considerably improves the appearance of the skin, giving greater texture and tone to the skin of your body.


The success of this therapy is determined precisely by the particular phenomenon of movement of liquids induced by ultrasound, which is precisely called cavitation and from which the treatment takes its name.

Ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia can be considered to all intents and purposes a non-invasive, innovative and extremely effective method for obtaining a progressive remodeling of the body profile.


Without any anesthesia and out of any health risk, the treatment shows its results from the very first applications. The treatment lasts no more than 20 minutes, allowing us to restart any activity after the therapy.


The results of medical cavitation are visible after having undergone several sessions, before reaching the desired result. Both the number of sessions and the results of medical cavitation vary from person to person.


The cost of a session can vary from € 150 to € 200


Why is medical cavitation used?
The medical cavitation technique, unlike aesthetic cavitation, uses low-frequency ultrasound, which is used to reshape the body. The treatment is neither invasive nor surgical and is an alternative to liposuction. Medical cavitation is used for the reduction of fat deposits and for cellulite.
What are the side effects?
Simple redness of the skin may occur, which will go away within a few days.
What are the differences between medical cavitation and aesthetic cavitation?
Medical cavitation and aesthetic cavitation, although they may sound similar, are two very different treatments, both in terms of the equipment used as well as the results and side effects. Aesthetic cavitation is carried out exclusively in (non-medical) beauty centers and high frequency ultrasound equipment is used that does not reach the same depth as the ultrasounds used in medicine and therefore have far less effects on fat melting. In medical cavitation low frequencies are used, which allow you to reach the fat in depth. Aesthetic cavitation, therefore, is very different from medical and promises less evident results.
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Prof. Dr. Eleana Ferrari Papassava

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