Non-surgical Profilo Plasty

  • Tipologia del trattamento
  • Durata del trattamento
    10-40 minutes
  • Durata del risultato
    3-6 months


Non-surgical profileplasty is a new technique by Eleana Ferrari. It allows you to harmonize the profile of a face, giving the forehead, nose, lips and chin the right volume and the right projections according to the golden rule. In the aesthetic evaluation of the face, the relationship between cheekbones, nose and chin is often not analyzed correctly since the profile is not a constant entity, but is influenced by age, culture and the historical period. Several authors have tried to define parameters or canons to determine the perfect face, but they have often been far from representing reality.

During the preliminary studies, the analysis of geometric relationships and projection lines are certainly useful. But, the balance of a face cannot be limited only to mathematical studies that may standardize the concept of beauty at the expense of uniqueness.

An accurate facial analysis that also takes into account the patient’s expectations becomes essential for those patients who require an improvement in the profile. Non-surgical profileplasty is a real project of harmonization of face shapes. The nasal profile is corrected with non-surgical rhinoplasty. The volume of the cheekbones and the projection of the chin are increased with the use of HA-based biocompatible fillers. Do you want to see the results?


There are many non-surgical treatments that use hyaluronic acid-based fillers. The rhinofiller technique allows to improve and mitigate irregularities such as asymmetries, protuberances, drooping tip or creation of a tip, or even correct the shape of the nose after surgery.

The mentoplasty technique allows to balance the proportions with the nose: it makes the chin more protruding if it is too retracted and, in frontal view, it gives a fuller appearance. It also plays an important role in neck laxity.

Often patients who undergo profileplasty also have a receding jaw and therefore it is necessary to define the line and strengthen the mandibular angle, or they undergo malaroplasty to increase or decrease the size of the cheekbones.

It can also concern the lips, which represent the most attractive area of the face. The upper lip must be well balanced with the lower lip and with all other facial volumes.

It is also possible to refine the earlobe, through the Eartox technique. With age, the earlobes tend to thin, so they appear flat or deflated and deep lines appear. This happens especially when we wear heavy earrings and as a result it seems that our earrings are pulling the ear down. It is therefore also possible to restore the volume in our ear lobes with an injection of hyaluronic acid.

The importance of hyaluronic acid should not be underestimated, which has significant advantages for the health of the skin: it promotes a revitalizing action that counteracts skin aging, stimulates the production of collagen and maintains proper hydration in the treated area.


The procedure is outpatient, does not cause pain and is performed under the effect of an anesthetic cream.

After evaluating the shape of the nose and the areas on which to intervene, the doctor will proceed with the injection of a few weighted doses of HA-based fillers, in order to obtain the desired result.


The duration of the intervention varies according to the number of corrections to be made. It can vary from 10 to 40 minutes for each treatment with the use of anesthetic cream. The evaluation of the interventions for the correction of the face profile is made by the cosmetic surgeon based on the analysis of the face and the expectations of the person.


The effects of non-surgical profileplasty can be appreciated immediately after the treatment: any swelling or redness will be absorbed within a few hours and it will be immediately possible to resume one’s social and work activities.


The cost ranges from € 200 to € 2500, based on the number of treatments chosen.


What is the goal of aesthetic profileplasty?
To add value to the face without distorting its features or following common taste but, instead, satisfying the patient who recognizes his/her renewed image. It frequently happens that a surgically corrected profile is more natural than the original one.
What are the advantages of non-surgical profileplasty?
The treatments do not leave scars and are of short duration (10-20 min for each treatment). Recovery is immediate.
Are the results definitive?
No, the result obtained with non-surgical profileplasty has an average duration of 6-18 months. The variability of duration is linked to the body’s ability to reabsorb hyaluronic acid.
Is the treatment painful?
The outpatient treatment does not always require the use of anesthesia as it consists of simple injections that are barely invasive and that do not cause pain. However, if appropriate, a light anesthesia of the area can be provided.
Which filler is used for the treatment?
The main filler used for the treatment is based on hyaluronic acid. It is a non-allergenic and non-immunogenic substance and it is essential for connective tissues, which gives our skin resistance and elasticity.
Are there any contraindications?
Treatment is contraindicated in cases of autoimmune diseases, as these cause an excessive response of the immune system to the infiltration of fillers, considered as a foreign body to the system, and therefore there is a high risk of rejection.
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