Lip sculpture

  • Tipologia del trattamento
  • Durata del trattamento
    15-30 minutes
  • Durata del risultato
    1-6 months


Thanks to the development of increasingly innovative technologies and materials, over the last few years more and more people have started to rely on aesthetic medicine. Furthermore, since it is possible to improve one’s imperfections without surgery, even younger girls have begun to approach the world of beauty treatments. Lip sculpture is one of the most popular treatments for woman.

In particular, one of the body areas that has always attracted the interest of women is the mouth. Depending on the age of the patient, the reasons why a woman wishes to improve the appearance of her lips tend to be two. Firstly, to eliminate the signs of aging and to give more volume to the lips. If years ago it was necessary to resort to botulinum infiltrations, today it is possible to undergo treatments that are much less invasive for the body and with a much more natural end result. In this guide, therefore, we will analyze today’s most common aesthetic treatment to improve the aesthetics of the lips: the lip sculpture filler.

Before starting with the infiltrations, an anesthetizing lotion is applied to the lips which will have its effect for 30 minutes; the sensation of discomfort and pain that may be caused by the mini-punctures is therefore almost eliminated. After each infiltration, the doctor will massage the treated area, and then continue with the treatment.

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Fillers today are one of the least invasive treatments, mostly thanks to the naturalness of the products that are injected. IThey are in fact mostly based on collagen or hyaluronic acid, substances naturally produced by the body. Thanks to this feature, the final effect is very natural, the treatment is minimally invasive, and it is not definitive.


Before and after the treatment there are certain rules to follow . The final result is generally visible in a few days and it is reversible.

However, based on the concentration of the injected substance, three different types of results are obtained:

  • low density: ideal for improving the appearance of the lips, which will be more hydrated and soft
  • medium density: ideal for defining the lip contour and filling in wrinkles
  • high density: ideal for increasing the volume of the lips

Just as you can choose the substance to inject into the lips, you can talk to your doctor to understand which areas will be where the punctures will be made. Sometimes, in fact, it is possible that they are carried out on the lip contour, only in the center, in the upper or lower lip. Clearly, as you can imagine, all these factors are decisive for the final result.


Usually 15 to 30 minutes are enough for a lip treatment. It all depends on the type of imperfection of the patient.


As anticipated, hyaluronic acid-based fillers are naturally reabsorbed by the body, which is why it is necessary to undergo several sessions over time to maintain the result.

Fillers, however, can disappear within 1 month, 6 months or even 2 years, depending on the substance used. The permanence of the result therefore depends mainly on the substance injected and the patient’s willingness to prolong the effect. Also, if Initially it is advisable to try a filler with a short duration, to see if you can get used to the changes on your face. Once you have made the decision, and the trial period is over, you can request a longer period.

At the end of the treatment, the effect of the anesthetic cream will disappear, but a soothing cream will be applied, which will prevent normal bruising. Unlike surgery, from the moment the anesthetic cream ends its effect, you will not start to feel unbearable pain, but simply a normal feeling of swelling and discomfort. Normally there are small bruises on the lips in the following hours, which however tend to disappear over the course of a few days, and moderate swelling that will last approximately 48 hours. In any case, it is possible to return to normal activities already on the day of the infiltrations, while as regards sun exposure it is preferable to wait for about ten days. However, it is possible to undergo sunlamp light prior to treatment.


Lip sculpture treatment costs 300 euros


What should be avoided after lip filler procedure?
Avoid physical activity or facial treatments (such as massages) immediately after the treatment, to prevent blood circulation from being too active. The final result can be seen after two / three days, when the swelling disappears completely.
How long does the lip filler last?
The lip filler has an average duration ranging from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12. Its duration often depends on the characteristics of the injected product, the experience of the doctor who performs the puncture and the patient’s lifestyle.
How long does the swelling last after the lip filler?
The typical swelling that occurs following the injection of the lip filler generally disappears after 24-48 hours.
How to avoid hematomas after fillers?
As a prevention it is useful to use ice for a few minutes before the treatment and immediately after. At home, if a small hematoma has formed, Clarema cream can be used morning and evening to speed up absorption.
What are the risks?
Lip filler is a safe treatment. Although it may seem “simple” to perform, it is important to rely on specialized surgeons who can guarantee you safety and excellent quality of the products.
Is the pain bearable?
The filler used has a small percentage of anesthetic inside.
I am pregnant, can i undergo the lip filler procedure?
No, in case of pregnancy it is preferable to postpone the treatment to avoid particular risks for the patient.
Are there other substances used for lip fillers?
Yes, but the results offered by hyaluronic acid are the best ones. There are also permanent fillers but very dangerous and therefore prohibited in the aesthetic medical field.
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