Eyebrow and forehead filler

  • Tipologia del trattamento
  • Durata del trattamento
    15-30 minutes
  • Durata del risultato
    6 months


The forehead is a part of the face that undergoes a lot of stress. Tha’ts why forehead wrinkles are often present even before the rest of the face actually ages. What can be a solution? Eyebrow and forehead filler.

However, although they are often typical for some people, as they are linked to facial expressions, forehead wrinkles can be reduced and eliminated with the use of fillers, capable of giving excellent results even to those who do not want to undergo surgery.

The eyebrow and forehead filler is an aesthetic medicine procedure that allows you to raise the outer part of the eyebrows and stretch the skin at the level of the temples and the lateral portion of the eyes.

The appearance and the correct position of the eyebrow plays an essential role in the aesthetics of the gaze. It gives expressiveness to the face and reflects the emotional and psychological state of the individual.

As times goes by, a fall (ptosis) of the eyebrow may occur with a folding of the upper eyelid skin. The upper third of the face is drooping and flaccid, the gaze is dull with an overall aged and sad look.

It is a procedure that uses light HA-based fillers. This allows to raise the external part of the eyebrows and to stretch the skin at the level of the temples and the lateral portion of the eyes. The purpose is to smooth out the wrinkles of the forehead. It also can help eliminate the tendency of the skin to regain its unwelcome shape.


Patients can rely on an aesthetic doctor to perform an eyebrow and frontal filler:

  • In case of drooping eyebrows that reduce the harmony of the face and create a tired and sad look that does not reflect the patient’s personality.
  • In case of sagging eyelid skin along the edge of the eyelashes, related to a ptosis of the forehead and eyebrow and not only to a sagging of the eyelid tissues.
  • In case of constant frowning of the forehead, which causes wrinkles and headaches: blepharoptosis and frontal ptosis induce continuous muscle tension with consequent headache.
  • For women, in case they are not able to apply make-up on the upper eyelid because it is dominated by sagging tissue.


These fillers for the correction of forehead and eyebrow wrinkles are based on light hyaluronic acid, and are injected precisely at the level of the single wrinkle. This way it helps not only to smooth out the wrinkles of the forehead, but also to eliminate the tendency of the skin to regain its unwelcome shape.

This type of treatment, that can be carried out alone but also in combination with botulinum toxin treatments, has an important duration, with results that can last even for 6-12 months.


The forehead and eyebrow filler is performed under local anesthesia and the surgery lasts for about half an hour.


The aesthetic result of the forehead and eyebrow filler is usually very satisfactory. The face appears rejuvenated and fresh without altering its peculiarities and proportions. For women in particular, it helps lift the lateral part of the eyebrows giving the eyes an open and relaxed appearance, and it corrects the wrinkles called “crow’s feet”.


The cost of the treatment may vary according to the specific needs of the patient and starts from € 200 for a single session.


Will I have any swelling or bruising?
Once the treatment is done, ice is applied to the affected region. After the injections, slight redness may appear and disappear within a few hours. The presence of a slight swelling is also possible in a variable manner (bromelain-based preparations can be taken for this purpose, only if there are no specific contraindications). In some cases, some bruising may also occur, due to a small capillary breaking during the injection (in this case specific creams may be applied, provided there are no contraindications).
When can I resume my daily activities?
You can immediately resume your daily activities, respecting some small precautions: ● Do not vigorously rub the treated area for the next 24 hours ● Avoid excessive temperatures (saunas, hammam, sun lamps) ● Do not practice sports or physical exercise that is too intense ● Do not take anticoagulant drugs (NSAIDs – aspirin) in the next 3 days, except for concomitant pathologies of specialist medical competence. ● Do not undergo dental treatment or other aesthetic procedures in the following 15 days ● Do not apply topical drugs such as cortisone creams and similar to the affected areas
When is it better to postpone the treatment?
– Important events which occur less than 1 week before the filler, the onset of bruising is not predictable and the average time of disappearance is 3/7 days with adequate therapy. – During menstrual period – While taking NSAIDs for other reasons, i.e. painkillers such as aspirin and similar for other reasons.
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