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Double chin: fat or laxity? How do we treat the double chin area?
The harmony of the face is defined by well-defined contours and proportions. One of the most popular treatments to improve the balance and symmetry of our face is the definition of the cheekbones.
How do we lose weight? How do we remove skin laxity?
This week in our TV show we talked about those forgotten areas, those we don’t see or that we never thought we could fix!
You can’t get rid of acne? You’d like to cure it but you don’t know how?
This week’s topic on our TV show was the neck problem.
This Thursday we dedicated the episode of the Irthekedese program broadcast on Sigma TV to 3DHaLift, the exclusive procedure created by Dr Eleana Ferrari
In the last episode we talked about how aesthetic medicine has evolved
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Prof. Dr. Eleana Ferrari Papassava

Surgeon, Biochemist and Nutritionist who mainly practices in Italy, England and Cyprus. With a long family tradition of medicine and wellness care, Eleana is known for her holistic approach with patients, which allows her to harmonize the search for aesthetic improvement with the overall well-being of the individual.